Real Estate Contract Checklist

Real estate contracts can be complicated documents. Here's a checklist to make sure the necessary terms and conditions are covered in the contract.

  1. Date
  2. Seller Information
  3. Buyer Information
  4. Real Property Legal Description (not just address)
  5. Personal Property Included or Excluded
  6. Title to Convey
  7. Title Exceptions
  8. Purchase Price
  9. Down Payment
  10. Interest Rate
  11. Installment Periods
  12. Date of First and Last Installment
  13. Late Charge
  14. Prepayment Penalty
  15. Portion of Purchase Price to Allocate Toward Personal vs. Real Property
  16. Prior Encumbrances
  17. Insurance Requirements
  18. Zoning of Property
  19. Exhibits
  20. Possession Dates
  21. Default Provisions